Maryina Gorka
The EcoTechnoPark is the operational centre for demonstration, testing and certification of the innovative developments of the string transport technology.
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The history of the
EcoTechoPark creation
The successful approbation of the main units and elements of the first-generation string transport took place at the test site in Ozyory, Moscow Region. However, General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy, dreamed this grandiose project to be implemented at home - on the Belorussian land. And in 2015 it was in the Republic of Belarus where it became possible to establish a test site for the track and the fourth generation rolling stock of the string transport. The land near the city of Maryina Gorka, Minsk region, was chosen as a location for the construction of the EcoTechnoPark. Almost immediately, the territory of the former tank range, formerly dug by the tracks of combat vehicles, impregnated with oil products, began to change. Soon after the construction began, the EcoTehnoPark looked completely different: the leveled land, laid fruit gardens and avenues. The pits, from which the soil was taken for the construction, were turned into the decorative ponds with ecosystems. At the same time, the construction of units and tracks of the string transport was in full swing. Today, the EcoTechnoPark is a clear example of the ecological potential of the PTS Technology, demonstration of rational use of natural resources, application of modern agroecological technologies and creation of zones of ecological farming.
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Chronicle of the construction

The project of the EcoTechnoPark complex was developed.
June 2015
A lease agreement was concluded for the land plot No.1594 with an area of 35.9 hectares in the town of Maryina Gorka, Minsk region.
July 2015
There was given the permission of the Pukhovichi Regional Executive Committee for construction of the EcoTehnoPark on the site.
August 2015
The excavation works started on the territory of the EcoTechnoPark.
September 2015
Pouring the foundation of the first anchor support, the work began on the production of the innovative security system and perimeter control.
February 2016
All intermediate supports of the flyover of the urban/high-speed passenger transport system were installed.
March 2016
Installation of the string intellectual fencing.
April 2016
Completion of the construction of the transport and logistics hub, combined with the anchor support.
November 2016
The works were completed on the installation of a semi-rigid section of the track structure on the light city track, the process of installing track structure trusses on the urban/high-speed tracks began.
March 2017
The works started on the concreting of string rails of the semi-rigid section of the light track structure.
December 2017
The test and demonstration centre of the technology, the EcoTechnoPark, was accepted for operation by decision of the Pukhovichi District Executive Committee.
January 2018
The installation of the supports on the reversal freight track section was completed, the setting of the reversal ring farms was started, the pit concreting of the loading and unloading terminal was being carried out.
July 2018
The new industrial samples of the rolling stock are being tested in the territory of EcoTechnoPark: bi-rail unibus and unicar. Unitrans, the freight complex, is being prepared for launching.
August 2018
Uniwind, a new model of rolling stock, arrived in EcoTechnoPark.
October 2018
A new type of track structure — super lightweight version of string track is being prepared for tests in EcoTechnoPark.
January 2019
Uniwind began performance trials on the super lightweight route section.
March 2019
Unicar in tropical version U4-431-01 arrived in EcoTechnoPark to undergo running tests.
April 2019
Work is underway on the construction of a new test site for ISO-container transportation.
August 2019
Performance trials of the high-speed unibus started at the test section of the truss track structure.
The history is being written right now…